Christa Renee




Christa Renee interviewed by Wesley, her 5-year-old daughter.

  • Wesley: How much colors are your favorite?
  • Christa: 3
  • Wesley: Which are they?
  • Christa: Yellow, Pink and Turquoise.
  • Wesley: I thought it was purple!
  • Christa: Noooooo.
  • Wesley: What was your favorite thing to do when you were little?
  • Christa: You gotta give me an age, what age?
  • Wesley: When you were 5 and ¾
  • Christa: When I was 5 and ¾ I liked to play at the beach and I really liked to draw. I used to draw all the time.
  • Wesley: What did you do when you were a grown up?
  • Christa: You mean what do I do now?
  • Wesley: Yeah.
  • Christa: I am a photographer.
  • Wesley: What do you do when you shoot? It is so silly that there are two words when you say shoot. So, like there is shooting a gun or shooting pictures.
  • Christa: Yeah I know, that is silly. Is it confusing?
  • Wesley: Yeah
  • Christa: When I shoot pictures usually I shoot people doing things that they normally do and having fun. I try to get everyone to have a good time and then take pictures of that.
  • Wesley: How do you make them have a good time?
  • Christa: Well…I like to get to know everyone that I am photographing and I try to make them comfortable and become friends with them. And I think I am a pretty fun person, right?!
  • Wesley: Well, Yeah. Do you sometimes give them candy?
  • Christa: I try not to give anyone candy but sometimes I do I guess. Sometimes the kids get candy.
  • Wesley: Yeah sometimes a lot the kids get candy. I wish I was in your photo shoots to get kid candy.
  • Christa: Haha Ok, one more question. Make it a good one. Anything you want to know about mommy. Wesley: Who do you like best of mermaids and fairies? Who is your favorite mermaid and who is your favorite fairy?
  • Christa: Um, I don't really know many mermaids.
  • Wesley: Well just pick one.
  • Christa: Ok, I like Ariel the best. And Fairies, I like…
  • Wesley: Your going to say Tinkerbell right?
  • Christa: Yeah, I like Tinkerbell best.
  • Wesley: Yuck. I don't. I like Vidia.
  • Christa. Is there anything else you want to say? Do you like Mommy being a photographer?
  • Wesley: Well, I really wanted you to be something else.
  • Christa: Like what?
  • Wesley: I wanted you to be what I was going to be.
  • Christa: And what's that?
  • Wesley: I was going to be a…what's its called..they go in boats and they are like searching for things underwater and they can hear the wale songs.
  • Christa: Like a Marine Biologist?
  • Wesley: YES! That's what I wanted to be.
  • Christa: Well you can still be that honey you're only 5.
  • Wesley: I know. But I wanted you to be that too.