Chris McPherson was born in Phoenix, AZ ,"The Valley of the Sun". Growing up in the suburban desert, the parking spaces of super malls and convenient stores out-numbered the indigenous cacti.

It was his third grade teacher who first introduced Chris to a camera. He happened to be in charge of the school newspaper and thought that it would be a good idea to have an eight- year-old photographer. Following high school Chris got a job as a photo-slave at a commercial photography studio in Phoenix, and thus began his formal/professional training. He learned as much as he could at this studio while finishing college, and then packed up his car to move out to Los Angeles and pursue the world of photography. Chris worked an assistant for a couple of years to a handful of top photographers, rounding out his knowledge of the business, and motivating him to show his portfolio.

While assisting, Chris started to show his portfolio of work to magazines, and he got some breaks at Esquire, Premiere and Details. At a certain point, he decided that it was time to quit assisting and focus solely on shooting. He met with a rep, Deborah Schwartz of DSREPS, who sent him back out to tweak a few things after encouraging him that he had what it took. Fourteen years later, Chris is still with DSREPS, and has had the amazing fortune to have shot for every great magazine that he ever wanted to shoot for including The New Yorker, New York Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, GQ, Esquire, and ESPN. He has also shot many amazing campaigns for AT&T, Apple, Nike, Visa, Adidas, and Cadillac.

Chris feels fortunate to be doing what he's always wanted to do and to continue to thrive in this industry thanks to the many amazing creatives who he has come to call friends and who make his job so interesting and inspiring.